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Replacing Flash with HTML5

create animated, interactive, multimedia web content with HTML5++

In addition to Flash export, Opus Creator offers enhanced HTML5 to provide all the features you enjoyed in Flash, including animation and graphic effects. And because HTML5 is compatible with iPad and Android as well as Windows, you can get Flash-style output just as easily for devices which no longer support it.

Versatile and Full of Features

Opus Creator is a truly versatile and WYSiWYG HTML5 editor and ideal replacement for Adobe Flash as it includes:

plus a WebFont Manager which lets you use all your Windows fonts as well as Google fonts and more.

All without the need for scripting, plugins or jquery.

Freestyle HTML5 Editing

Opus Creator is a truly freestyle HTML5 editor. Create whatever you want, wherever you want it. No more fiddling with padding, margins and floats. You can even overlap objects and set transparency or make them apppear, disappear or animate. Play video and audio easily and synchronise elements to any other event or along a timeline. Respond to user interaction and trigger actions, use variables, loops and conditional branching without any programming. Opus HTML5 export offers truly flexible, fully interacive, stylish multimedia content for your website.


Creator offers all the same sort of animation features available in Flash - but without any need for Actionscript. It makes it easy to design a wide range of animations for any object including fades, scrolls, bounces, path animation and shape tweening. We've even created some wacky preset combinations such as Toon In, Kaboom, Penguin Waddle and Speed Skater, in addition to more commonly-used animations such as Pulse, Heartbeat, Propellor and Flicker.

Feature Highlight - Animation.

Video and Audio

You can include HTML5 video content anywhere on your page, either using MP4 or by embedding YouTube. HTML5 and YouTube provide a full set of playback controls.

Audio is also easy to incorporate with a range of control actions provided in Opus including Play, Pause and Stop.


Create a synchronised series of actions with Timelines.

Timelines allow you to place all the standard Opus Creator actions at specific times and then drag to reposition for precise timing. Different channels allow you to overlap actions.

Creator Timeline screenshot

Playing audio on it's own channel allows you to view the waveform and preview the file to help get perfect synchronization with music or narration.

Extended Power with OpusScript

You can recreate very sophisticated Flash material in HTML5 without any scripting at all but if you want to extend the features further you can. Opus Pro includes all the features in Opus Creator but extends the flexibility with an extended multimedia version of javascript capable of even more sophisticated material including games, database applications or utility programs with built-in evaluation settings for trial versions. As powerful as Shockwave but no need for a plugin.

Then go even further if you want with full-blown HTML5 development. Develop stylish forms and front ends for MySQL or integrate javascript or php into sophisticated online material with the minimum of code.

further details - HTML5 Development