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Designer Interactivity

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These days any graphic designer needs to be able to work with interactive digital media but Opus Creator lets you offer more than just a keen eye and a few hyperlinks. Creator includes the vector drawing tools, blends and textures you know for design software and adds an intuitive visual interface to developing interactivity.

Opus Creator was originally conceived by a graphic designer when Paul Harris couldn't find the software he needed to take his ideas further without getting too technical, so you can be sure it will work the way you do.

With a simple "select-and-apply" interface you simply select the properties or actions you need - no need for programming unless you want it! Opus Creator makes it simple to develop polished, interactive applications and animations in a fraction of the time. Export to Flash or HTML5 for online materials compatible with Mac, iPad and Android as well as Windows. And that means a fraction of the cost so you make more money on each brief and/or you can quote competitively for more work.

Add the Power of Opus Pro When You Need It

Opus Creator provides the low cost introduction for you to try your hand at basic interactive design of Flash and HTML5. Then If you want to add custom functions and expand your development skills then Opus Pro will take you as far as you want (and your existing Creator work can simply be imported into Pro). There's a powerful scripting language based on javascript and you can even extend Opus Pro with external DLLs allowing you to access spell-checkers or Windows dialogs and so on.

Some of the designers and developers working with Opus include:

Buzz Toons, Banners and Animaginations

You will also want to create eye-catching Flash animations for your website or for promotional and viral projects for you or your clients.

The new Tween animation tool and extended Flash functions mean Opus Creator is the quick and easy way to create games, buzz toons, banners and any animated imaginations in Adobe Flash format or HTML5, and make it easier than with any other product.