Everyday Features:

Drawing Tools

a full suite of vector drawing tools is provided

Opus provides a complete set of drawing tools within the program. You can draw lines, shapes, symbols and simple graphics such as arrows, speech bubbles stars and so on from within the program or you can import and edit .EMF format files from a wide range of programs such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

The tools include freehand drawing, straight lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, stars, polygons and preset clipart symbols.

You can resize and rotate the drawn objects as with any other content but you can also edit and remodel the shape of each line or shape using node editing.

All objects can be filled with range of preset or custom solid and gradient fills and can have transparency, blends, shadows and textures applied, allowing you some highly professional graphic effects easily.

Line Styles and End Caps

A range of different line styles and thicknesses are available. You can also apply end caps such as arrowheads or nodes to the end of your line. Each end can be different and you can scale the endcap separately to the line for even greater versatility.

Everyday Features

Opus Pro and Opus Creator Reference - Drawing Tools