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HTML Object

standard HTML and JavaScript widgets in your freestyle web design

Web developers can now embed existing HTML easily in their freeform web design.

It means the benefits of a flexible layout and the quick, easy web-design which Opus Pro offers can be combined easily with standard HTML or embedded components.

Ideal for adding third-party widgets to your HTML5 pages including

or simply for adding basic HTML content such as text or images, or elements from a separate CSS.

View Embedded HTML examples


Use Standard Elements in Unique Web Designs

You can create the HTML Object anywhere on your page, at any size, just as you would create any other object in Opus Pro (see Adding Content). The HTML Object is available on the Browser flyout menu for HTML5 publications only. Paste HTML in Web Design

Then simply cut and paste the HTML you want to use into the edit box provided on the dialog.

Paste HTML into Web Design

The syntax of what you paste here must be correct or it may break the whole publication. Do not include artificial line breaks.

Add Header Information Too

If you need to provide custom elements in the main HTML page to support the content of your HTML Object you can include these in your Opus Pro publication easily too. There is an option in the Publish Settings to add content which will be inserted into the head section of the HTML. Simply paste or type your script into the box provided. Here we are adding the script required to support the Share This widget we embedded in the above example.

Insert HTML Header in Web Design

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