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SCORM Elearning

build SCORM packages directly in the publishing process

Opus Pro provides the most versatile SCORM support available at the price. You can build a finished SCORM package in HTML5 or Flash format, ready to upload, as part of the standard publishing process. You can set IDs, resource names and indicators or you can let Opus Pro create them for you.

Most importantly it is easy for content managers and the people with the knowledge to have direct input into the training materials. The material is also much easier to keep up to date, especially with the Update Publication feature.

If you need to keep training development inhouse for security or confidentiality reasons then Opus is simple enough for non-specialists as well as having the power and versatility required by professional instructional designers.

Major organisations who have chosen Opus Pro for their SCORM training include:

Opus Pro is our top-level training product providing SCORM compliant publications - tried and tested! You can even create SCORM-compliant Flash or HTML5 publications. And even though SCORM is a standard, we know the implementations sometimes are not so we guarantee compatibility. If you can't get it to work with your LMS just let us know and we'll provide a communication wrapper for your solution.

Moodle Support too

Our SCORM support also means you can use Opus for education material to be used in Moodle systems. So you can create engaging educational materials which can report scores and status back to your school records. We've been working on real world solutions with real world customers such as Monmouth elearning to ensure our solution is the best.

Add the Complete Solution with ProSolve

Our Opus ProSolve service allows you to buy the complete solution with our software. We'll work with you to design the publications, templates and resources your organisation needs, and provide the training to ensure Opus isn't just another piece of ready-made software you have to fit around, but actually provides the solution you need.

further details - ProSolve


Training the Trainers

We can also provide personal and directed training on any of our products at your own premises, specifically focused on your publications to provide you with the solutions you need. Training is provided at competitive rates. For further details please email sales@digitalworkshop.com

the easy way to design and develop SCORM elearning