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Ensuring Competency

introducing the Critical Pass feature in Opus Pro

Deciding the correct level for a passing score in a piece of critical training is a point of much discussion amongst instructional designers and trainers.

Some see 100% as too restrictive and include easier questions to encourage trainee confidence. Yet often the training still needs to ensure that key competencies have been understood completely.

The Critical Setting feature in Opus Pro allows designers to ensure specific topics or questions must be passed whatever the overall score and pass threshold might be.

Opus Pro allows elearning developers to set specific topics and even individual questions as critical to passing a course.

Flexible Options

There are several settings you can use to ensure you can tailor the test to your exact needs:

Setting Critical Elements for Elearning

For example, a course in operating and maintaining the iron roughneck on an oil drilling rig might cover the following topics:

And the training materials might want to set the following pass threshold requirements:

Key Safety Considerations

This topic would be used for questions on matters which could result in personal injury if not understood and adhered to. Therefore this topic requires a 100% pass threshold and set to critical to the course as the information is vital for the safety of all.

Personal Protection Equipment

Again no room for error here, so a 100% pass mark and also set as critical, to protect workers from personal injury.

Maintenance Schedule

The objective for this part of the training is to embed a certain level of factual knowledge about the maintenance procedure but the product manual will be available and could be referred to if necessary. So perhaps a 70% pass mark is appropriate. However, the topic might still be set as critical for the course as a core understanding of maintenance is a commercial/occupational requirement.

Thus questions relating to maintenance issues can be marked as critical for the topic and, in addition, individual questions about important safety procedures can be set as critical for the whole course.


The objective for this section is simply to introduce the trainee to the likely problems and their solutions. In reality, the manual will probably be required for infrequent issues and to ensure detailed instructions are followed properly. Thus a 50% pass mark may be good enough and the topic is not critical to the course. However, questions about troubleshooting where it may impact on the safety of the workers can still be set as critical for the course to ensure everyone's safety.

Sophisticated Scoring Metrics Tracked Automatically

When using the Question Object to create tests, instructional designers can use the automatic scoring feature in Opus Pro to track a range of key scores.

At any point you can also test whether the trainee can still achieve the pass mark and thereby stop the test as soon as it is no longer possible to pass, saving time and money for both trainee and trainer.

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