Developer Features:

Android Packager

distribute HTML5 publications to tablets and phones

Opus Pro allows you to package your HTML5 publication as an Android app. This is not an native Java app and cannot access specific phone features like the accelerometer or the GPS unless they are supported by the browser but it allows your HTML5 to be installed onto the Android device so it can be used without an internet connection. Ideal for publishing simple multimedia apps and presentations to tablets and phones.

Video can be included but we do not recommend using large videos in packaged apps but access them from online. You should note that Android uses a specific format and does not permit video or audio to be launched automatically but can be played via user interaction. Further details are available at:

Android Developer Notes - Media Formats

Publishing Settings

The Android packager allows you to assign a custom icon which will be displayed on the phone or tablet (four different resolutions are available). You can also allow or disable the material to respond to rotation of the phone and specify whether it only displays in landscape or portrait mode.

The publish settings also allow you to set the package name and version and generate the key which all android apps are required to have, from within the Opus publishing process.

Resizable Content

As Android is installed on a variety of different devices with different screen sizes we recommend all content intended for use on Android is designed to "responsive", that is, resizes to fit the screen of the device.

Java SDK

The Android packaging process relies on the installation of the Java SDK (software development kit). This is available to download free-of-charge from Oracle:

Java SDK Download

You will not need to use the JDK yourself – Opus does all the work for you – but you should make a note of where you have installed it (particularly if you cannot install it to the default location) in case Opus can't find it. You will need to be running with full Admin rights and preferably with the Windows User Account Control turned to Never Notify.

Android System Requirements

HTML5 is supported by Android v4.xx and better though we recommend v4.4 or higher as this supports more Opus functionality. The features available will also depend on the settings for the default browser installed on the phone which may limit features, in particular scripts or embedded items. We recommend you test your publication on as many different phones as possible and consider offering an internet-based version for people to access if required.