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add video to your multimedia publications

Video in Interactive Multimedia

You can use video directly in your multimedia publication simply by drawing the placeholder into place wherever you want it - even in HTML5 publications.

Embedding YouTube is also supported in EXE and HTML5 publications.

Actions are available to play and pause video or you can automatically use built-in controls for YouTube and HTML5 video. You can also program control of the video object in HTML5 - see interactive video tutorial for details.

When developing Windows EXE publications you can apply borders, rotation and special effects to create unique video objects. In HTML5 publications you can overlay other objects to provide annotations, quizzes or to add borders.

Formats supported include:


A range of settings are available when playing a video including setting the initial volume and whether the sound fades in. The option to Change Display mode allows you to use Chromakey or Rendered video for Windows publications as this allows you to apply Opus effects and borders to the video and to rotate the video.

Properties for Videos in Multimedia Authoring

Video Controls

A full set of actions are available for you to control video by selecting options from a dialog. For HTML5 and YouTube video the built-in controls are used.

You can also set the volume of the video soundtrack using the Change Volume control.

Authoring Video Actions example

Publish to Video

In addition to incorporating video into your interactive media you can also turn your interactive publication into video. Use the timeline object to create a synchronized series of actions - displaying lyrics to a soundtrack or dialog to an animted comic-book for example. Then simply publish to video format and upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

If you publication requires user-interaction you can record your mouse and keyboard actions and replay these automatically while recording the video!

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Opus Pro and Opus Creator Reference - Using Video in Interactive Multimedia