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Web Font Manager

include any font in your web design easily

Web Font Design

Using stylish fonts in web design has always been more complicated than it should be, even with the advent of web fonts. But now, the Web Font Manager in Creator and Opus Pro makes it easy to use custom fonts in your HTML5 web design, in a WYSiWYG editor and without scripting...

The web font manager allows...

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The Web Font Manager lets you use different sets of fonts within the same HTML5 document (including all your existing Windows fonts) and to include web fonts easily. Web fonts can be displayed in your font list alongside Windows fonts and used freely in the Opus Editor.


When you publish to HTML5 the text will be output according to the options you have in place for each set of fonts.

Output Options

Assign appropriate settings for each set of fonts via the Edit button:

HTML5 Web Font options

By default all your existing Windows fonts will be set to Render except for Arial, Times and Courier New which are considered "web safe" and are not published. We have also included some examples of Google fonts (Noto Sans and Droid Sans) to get you started but you can easily include any of those available from Google or convert existing fonts (check they have appropriate licences) using a service such as FontSquirrel.

Font Listing

The different settings for the fonts are highlighted with different background colours in the font list so you can select the font to use.

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