Digital Workshop Product Catalogue:

Legacy Products

upgrade your old Digital Workshop product to Opus Pro or Opus Creator

Digital Workshop has been developing multimedia authoring tools for over twenty years so you may have one which has now been combined or renamed. This section provides guidance on which to choose - upgrade prices are always available


Opus Headstart, Opus Presenter and Illuminatus

Opus Creator - has replaced these products. Illuminatus users may also wish to consider upgrading to Opus Pro.

Opus Headstart Pro, Opus Presenter Pro

Opus Pro now includes all the specialised features available in Headstart Pro and Presenter Pro as well as all the features previously provided in Opus Pro and Opus Pro XE

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Opus Flex

Opus Creator and Opus Pro now include all the Flash features available in earlier products via the Flex extension. Anyone wanting to create Flash the easy way should note the new version have an extensive range of new and improved features for Flash export as well as the HTML5 export and the many other improvements.

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Illuminatus, Presenter, Headstart and other multimedia authoring tools from our back catalogue