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Showcasing the cost-effective solutions for responsive web design, interactive video, extended SCORM and much more provided by Opus Pro and Opus Creator.

NEW Interactive Video Overlays and Hotspots

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Overlay and annotate your existing HTML5 video with text, graphics, hotspots and buttons and synchronise actions to existing video. Add almost any Opus object and use almost any Opus action.

Also allows animation and transparency and there's no need to edit the video or rely on features in your video editing tool.

Responsive Web Content - Use your content at any screen size

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Create flexible interactive and animated content which will resize to suit any screen size for your responsive web design.

Clever and engaging interactive material can now be responsive too.

No jquery and no scripting!

Shape Tween Animation

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With no special skills you can make animation which can be as simple or as complex as you like with the Tween Animation feature in both Opus Pro and Opus Creator.

Simply draw or position objects at key positions and let Opus fill in all the in-between frames. Why not animate those infographics?

HTML5 Slideshows you can drag and drop!

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Take a look at what's possible with slideshows in Opus Creator and Opus Pro. Just think what your website could do with these features. This single page highlights all the slideshow controls and illustrates drag and drop, rotate and animate!

All this would normally require coding or jQuery extensions but with Opus Creator you simply select and apply the settings you want - including different effects and slide timings for individual slides.

Extending SCORM - Pro only

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Sometimes your elearning needs to track additional metrics and record information not provided by the SCORM specification and not available in standard learning management systems or elearning authoring tools. Opus Pro is a full-featured programming language and so can take you beyond what normal elearning design software can do.

If you don't have the skills in-house we can develop custom solutions for you via our QuickStart templates and ProSolve service.