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Montage HTML5, Elearning and Multimedia Authoring Templates

Let us design a template publication for your project and get you productive sooner.

A quickstart template gets your project a stylish and efficient springboard then you can simply build as many publications as you want with any content you need. Then build on the tempalte as you become more familiar with Opus.

How It Works

We work with you to understand the key requirements of your project and then create an Opus template which meets your needs exactly. All you need to do is add the content - update the text, add images etc, or get subject matter experts to tweak the material themselves.

And becasue we know the product better than anyone we can build in the shortcuts and provide the most effective solution without the cost of trial and error. Benefits...

Prices start at just £200/$350.

You can choose to use our in-house team in the UK or we can recommend one of our accredited developers around the world.

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QuickStart Considerations

Some useful things to bear in mind when briefing us for a template quote:

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