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Maintenance Updates

free maintenance updates for current products

Committed to customer service, we regularly provide maintenance updates to our software - improving performance, fixing bugs in maintenance updates and even adding a few extra features for free in our enhanced updates. We never charge for these updates and you can download them here.

Critical Enhanced Update - v9.75

Includes a critical fix to HTML5 export for Chrome users and fixes several issues with Windows v10.

New features include:

Please check which product and which version you own before downloading

Opus Creator

Updates Opus Creator v9.xx to version 9.75. Required for all Creator v9 users.

EXE install MSI install

Opus Pro

Upgrades Opus Pro v9.xx to version 9.75. Required for all Pro v9 users.

EXE install MSI install

NOTE: These are full installs which can be installed over your existing version and should recognise your registration code automatically. If you have any problems, or wish to upgrade from previous versions or legacy products, please contact

Recent updates to Opus Pro also added script support for SCORM, the HTML Object, JavaScript Action improved collision detection and drag and drop in HTML5 and fixed a bug with Android sound. Android support now includes saving cookies in v4.2 and above.


Critical Update - Opus Javascript

A new version of the opus.js file used by all HTML5 publications. Update all existing publications by copying the opus.js in this .ZIP archive over your existing ones to fix the removal of SVGPath support from Chrome v48 and above.

Update to v9.75 to fix all future publications.

Download ZIP File


Previous Versions

Maintenance Update - v8.12

Fixes a bug with text scrollbars in Flash. Other recent fixes/updates include updated YouTube support, bug with master page radio buttons and others, scrolling frames now work in Flash, QuickClips tools for navigation buttons and number labels, Topic Condition and Course Condition actions and some related variables. Course Administrator information and summary report tweaked. Multiple question support under Flash improved.

Opus Creator v8.12

Updates Opus Creator v8.xx to version 8.12. Recommended for all v8 users.

EXE install

Opus Pro v8.12

Updates Opus Pro v8.xx to version 8.12. Recommended for all v8 users.

EXE install