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Engaging Web Content

innovative and responsive web content made easy

A successful web design attracts visitors using interesting and original content which they'll recommend to others and search engines put increasing value on genuine and original content.

With Opus Creator or Opus Pro you can design engaging and innovative web content more easily...

Create Responsive Content Easily

Both Opus Pro and Creator let you create flexible animated and interactive content which adapts to any screen size for truly responsive content - with no scripting.

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Replacing Flash with HTML5

The unique HTML5 functionality provided in of both Opus Creator and Opus Pro means the kind of material which Flash allowed is now available in HTML5 just as easily. This allows Flash-style type material on devices which no longer support it at a lower cost than Adobe Edge or Flash Professional.

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Engaging Content

A successful web design attracts visitors using interesting and original content which they'll recommend to others and search engines put increasing value on genuine and original content which get you social media recommendations.

With Opus Creator or Opus Pro you can design web content that's way more engaging and effective than a dry piece of text...

With Opus Creator you can easily create online games, quizzes and puzzles or animated stories or interactive infographics, and you can do this so cost-effectively you can even offer promotional versions for free and you can afford to do them more often.

With Opus Pro you can extend and customise your HTML5 further with a full scripting language capable of even more sophisticated material including full-blown games, online database applications or utility programs, making even professional-level development quicker and easier.

More Interesting Web Design with HTML5

Our HTML5 export offers a unique way to create HTML5 which can still be integrated with standard technqiues or edited by hand. It offers the range of features and ease-of-use provided by Adobe Flash but for devices which no longer support it. Plus we've extended HTML5 to provide effects and features you can't produce with CSS or jquery so you can make your web design stand out from the crowd.

A truly freestyle editor with a built-in webfont manager letting you use all your Windows fonts as well as Google fonts and more.

Opus Pro takes you further and lets you integrate HTML widgets and run javascript easily.

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Generating Backlinks and Promotion

Backlinks from download sites

Backlinks and social media recommendations are a key aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Opus provides a perfect way to create content with real interest to get even more valuable backlinks as well as promote your site and create social media buzz in a way simple HTML articles cannot.

These free resources do not need to be complex either. Consider simple quizzes on your hobbies or curriculum subjects. Drag and drop games or simple collision games. Or why not produce a stylish interactive book of poetry, an animated presentation rather than a static article or an interactive guide to a nearby tourist attraction.

Download Sites

Backlinks from download sites

There are over 600 software download sites which will take content and each adds a link back to your website while the content you provide promotes your site to anyone who downloads it.

The process can be automated and easy. In addition to your content they will simply need a PAD file which is an XML file containing key information on the product in an industry-standard format. Use the free PAD file generator (from ASP) to create it easily and then use one of the automated submission tools or submission services to get your material everywhere.

Make Money Directly from Your Content

You can even create material which is good enough to monetize directly...

Opus Pro has all the power of a programming tool without the grunt work.

Free Samples to Get You Started Quickly

We provide a wide range of free samples for you to use directly or customise to match your own site in our free samples catalogue.

Full Multimedia Web Content

If you really want to differentiate your site you can create full-blown multimedia sections to your site. The HTML5 export offers greater flexibility than has ever been possible with basic web content. In addition, Opus Pro provides powerful scripting and its own multimedia plug-in at a similar size and functionality to Shockwave.

With all the Flash and HTML5 support provided there's almost nothing you can do in Adobe Flash or any HTML5 editor which you can't do quicker and more easily in Opus Pro.  And because Opus takes a different approach to Flash or HTML5, you can create Flash or HTML5 material with unique characteristics to the standard options. For example, Opus makes feedback forms, drag and drop puzzle games and collision games much, much easier.

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