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the quick start to learning and teaching programming

Opus Pro lets you teach/learn programming quickly and easily whatever your experience, without it feeling like a toy.

Designed to get you and your students productive with as much or as little programming as you feel comfortable with, Opus Pro lets you get projects up and runnning within minutes and then introduce real-world programming concepts and syntax as and when you are ready.

It has the simplicity to get you started quickly and yet the full power of a programming language to progress on to.

Intuitive Design and Professional Results

Opus Pro lets you design the content of your program in a completely free-form way by simply drawing objects on a page. It's as easy as a drawing program or desktop publisher and you can preview instantly as you go. To make the material look professional special graphical effects like transparency and drop shadow are included and full control of size and colour is simple.

Quickstart with Preset Actions

To make things happen you add a whole range of standard actions from customisable presets and set the parameters for them to use. Learn about the difference between events/triggers...

...and actions.

Drag and drop is as easy as setting a property and even collision detection is built in.


Variables, Loops and Conditional Branching

Key programming features such as variables, loops and conditional structures (If...Then...Else) can also be incorporated easily into the preset actions to introduce programming features steadily. Keep control of the learning curve.

More detailed interactions can be developed once a working program is already running so students feel they're getting somewhere.

Full Power When You're Ready

Then move on to the full power of OpusScript (a variant of the ubiquitous javascript) is available to introduce programming scripts slowly to extend and expand. You can even write functions and for the star students Opus Pro can interact with third party DLLs to bring up Windows colour dialogs, check dictionaries or control external devices.

Unlike other software to introduce programming Opus Pro is not just for beginners, so students can stay in the same program whatever their ceiling. Opus Pro is a real-world programming tool widely-used by businesses and independent developers for real-world programming tasks.

Ready-made Projects and Lesson Plans

We're providing a series of partly-complete projects with lesson plans to give your learning a kickstart. Each introduces one or two key features of programming based around a project, almost complete to get working with a few basic steps. Additional featutres can then be added by students.


Multimedia Project - Tutorial Videos and Teaching Resource

Key Advantages

Opus Pro is ideal for getting students productive in programming quickly which is crucial to keeping them engaged and interested. You wouldn't ask early readers to learn grammar before they are allowed to read so why expect programmers to understand a programming language from day one.

Computing Qualifications

Opus Pro is particularly suitable for the following units in qualifications from AQA, WJEC, OCR, EdExcel, City & Guilds and similar qualfications in your country.

Some of Our Education Customers...

  • Budmouth College
  • De Montfort University
  • Dubai College
  • Grestone Primary School
  • Illawara Christian School
  • Ipswich Academy
  • King Edward Sixth School
  • Loughborough University
  • Monmouthshire elearning
  • OCR
  • Ofsted
  • Ousedale School
  • Queen's University School of Midwifery
  • Royal College of Paediatrics, Melbourne
  • Sisseton Whaperton College
  • Southern Regional College, Belfast
  • Sunderland City Learning Centre
  • Trinity College
  • University of Manchester
  • Wolverhampton College
  • York Minster
...and many more

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