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Opus Pro and Digital Overdrive

creating digital media educational resources for multiple devices

Interactive multimedia textbooks montage

Digital Overdrive Interactive has been developing educational multimedia textbooks since 1997 and use Opus Pro as it allows them to publish interactive textbooks to a wide variety of formats but also to develop interactive simulations of equipment and tasks.

The new HTML5 export has proved invaluable in letting them republish existing Windows-based material to iPad and Android.

"Opus Pro has been our tool of choice for many years to create engaging interactive textbooks and has opened up unlimited possibilities for delivering rich content to high school students around the world.

Recently we were faced with a dilemma - how to deliver our product across computer platforms, tablets and phones? The educational world is increasingly using iPads and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement is gaining momentum. That makes it difficult for any content creator to satisfy the needs of every user. While we were considering what to do, Digital Workshop released the new HTML5 feature in Opus Pro. As soon as that happened, the decision was clear...

We started migrating our older Opus projects over to the HTML5 projects and discovered how easy it was to move things over.

BOYD Textbook example

We were quickly able to make all of our interactive content HTML5-compatible for delivery on iPads and iPhones. Customers are amazed to see our interactive textbook running on a phone or tablet with all the same capabilities that our DVD versions had.

Over 250,000 high school students each year use our product created with Opus Pro. I am delighted to say that we will continue to use Opus Pro for many years to come. This has truly been an amazing upgrade to a product that has been at the heart and soul of our business for the past 8 years."

Dale Andrews,
CEO, Digital Overdrive
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Interactive Simulations without Programming

Even if you're not a trained programmer Opus Pro lets you create sophisticated interactivity easily. Which means simulating tasks and equipment for truly interactive learning is straightforward and very cost-effective.

In the illustration below Digital Overdrive used Opus Pro to provide a simple sound mixer.

Interactive Simulation Example

In-built Testing and Certificates

Quizzes and tests are also simple to create in Opus Pro with automatic scoring even with long text answers.

Publications can even be designed to issue personalised certificates.

Further Details - Automatic Scoring

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