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Opus is increasingly used in schools offering both general ICT and specialist computer qualifications for one simple reason - students are productive more quickly and so stay engaged.

But students won't be left with skills in a non-commercial product: Opus is also widely-used by businesses from independent developers to major corporates as well as government agencies including Ofsted, OCR and RoSPA.

Choose Opus Creator for schools offering multimedia and animation courses, GCSE ICT and OCR Nationals in ICT.

For more in depth requirements Opus Pro is well suited to the Cambridge Technicals and Computer Science qualifications or introducing programming concepts - see video course Introducing Opus.

Both programs can be used to create interactive educational resources - see Digital Overdrive Case Study.

Key Advantages

Note: If you have ideas for example publications or resources please email

Opus Pro - Questions and Scoring Made Easy

Opus Pro includes a sophisticated new automatic scoring system with ready-made Question templates covering key question types including multiple choice, cloze procedures, drag and drop, sliders and text input. Progress on specific topics is tracked automatically so revision can be suggested wherever necessary.

OCR ICT Nationals

Opus Creator is particularly suitable for the following units or their equivalents in other qualifications:

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