Showcase Publications

prime examples of just what can be done with Opus Pro and Opus Creator

These publications highlight just some of the features in Opus Pro and Opus Creator and how easily interactive multimedia resources can be designed and published and distributed as standalone EXE files, Flash, HTML5, elearning (with or without SCORM) or even video formats.

Climate Change - HTML5 Video with Quiz Opus Pro

Climate Change Thumbnail

A demo publication provided as part of the interactive vidoe tutorial which illustrates how Opus can be used to overlay a video with timed interactive elements inclduing a simple quiz with scoring.

Science of Plants - Curriculum Revision Quiz Opus Pro

Plant Quiz Thumbnail

A simple quiz to revise the names and basic information on the science of plants for 11-14 year olds (KS3 science). Covers plant cell and structure and plant nutrition and photosynthesis.

Made with Opus Pro using the Question object and illustrates the use of Topics to track performance on specific areas in a single quiz.

Beyond Extraordinary Slideshows Opus Creator & Pro

HTML5 Slideshow Showcase Preview

A demo publication to show off the various extra functionality available with slideshows in Opus HTML5. The slideshow uses a mobile phone border supplied with Opus and shows a level of functionality, including drag and drop and rotation, which would normally take lots of scripting.

Water Cycle Animation

Water Cycle Thumbnail

A small animation of the water cycle intended to illustrate the use of the tween animation as a way of animating processes and highlighting colour tweening.

Made with Opus Creator suitable for output in Flash and HTML5 format.

Additional sample publications are provided in our resource section for you to download and edit.

Showcase examples of HTML5, Flash and Elearning software developed with Opus Pro