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Opus Pro is a visual development tool for fast-track development of HTML5, Flash and Windows applications and resources. From simple games and elearning resources to complex simulations, commercial programs and database applications with or without programming.

Publish and distribute to Windows, HTML5 (for Android, iPad, Mac), Flash, SCORM and Moodle as well as .EXE, CD-Rom and DVD-video for pleasure, promotion or profit.

Get Productive Today

Intuitive and easy to use, yet full of features so you're not restricted to preset templates and with the extra power of programming when you want even more sophistication.

Freestyle Design and Layout

The familiar Windows interface and WYSiWYG editor lets you combine all types of multimedia resources into your publication by simply drawing them into place anywhere on a page.

Apply properties, effects, blends, textures and transparency with simple settings.


Interactivity without Programming

Properties, Effects and Actions can be set quickly via a simple select-and-apply interface to respond to user clicks, play sounds and video, animate objects or run sequences of events. Making it easy to design interactive and multimedia publications of all types without any programming skills.



Responsive Web Design Made Easy

Any Creator output can be set to resize on your responsive web page allowing you to design fully responsive animations, banners and other interactive content to embed in responsive grids.


Publish and Distribute Freely

Create a stand-alone publication as Windows EXE, Flash or HTML5 for web design, android and iPad.

Distribute freely to colleagues, customers, friends or family for profit or pleasure. for education or entertainment.


Power and Flexibility Can be Easy Too

Opus Pro includes all the ease of use and all the features of Creator but adds the power of database support, enhanced SCORM elearning and scripting for when you need even more flexible solutions. It also includes an Android Packager to distribute your HTML5 more easily to Android devices.

Database Support

Connect to databases to store information locally or online. Design graphical interactive databases more easily.

Supports Windows ODBC and Access or use MySQL online and extend SCORM or Moodle recording.


Scripting Power

Opus Pro includes a fully-featured programming language to give you the power to extend it's features if required.

Opus Script

HTML5 publications also support javascript and HTML5 widgets can be embedded in your page easily.

Javascript Actions

Auto-Scoring Question Objects

The question object offers flexible test solutions quickly and easily without restricting you to a particular look and feel. A whole range of scoring metrics are calculated automatically even with custom free-form questions.

Creating Questions

Extended Elearning

The sophisticated elearning features in Opus Pro can be published easily to SCORM-conformant courses for use in all major LMS including Moodle, and are not limited by preset templates and interactions.

SCORM Elearning

Web Font Manager

Free your HTML5 web designs from boring fonts more easily - the Web Font Manager makes it easy to organise and use web-fonts or render more ornamental headings. All the @fontface code is generated automatically whether you use Google Web-fonts or your own.

Control static or dynamic text settings for any text object.

Using Web Fonts

Embed HTML Widgets

An HTML object also lets you embed HTML into DIVs in your content, letting you add HTML widgets such as Google Maps or Paypal buttons easily.

Embed HTML

Android Packager

Although Opus Pro does not create native Android apps you can deliver your HTML5 publications as apps using the APK packager tool.

Android Packager

We can even add dedicated solutions to Opus Pro to match your exact requirements and get projects started or sorted more quickly. See our QuickStart and ProSolve services for more details.

Key Functionality Made Easy

To get the foundations of your software developed quickly and looking good, Opus provides the fundamentals of any via property and actions dialogs and a WYSiWYG layout editor which makes program design as simple as desktop publishing and allows you to put together interactive material more quickly without any programming.

Tween & Path Animation

Full tweening animation tool in the program includes node tweening, gradient colour tweening and tweens on animation paths.

Fully supported in both Flash and HTML5 as well as Windows applications.



Sequence your content with individual Show and Hide actions for objects or synchronise events precisely using visual timelines.

Add audio tracks to synchronise with music and narration.


Drag and Drop

Add drag and drop interactions to any object easily. Link actions to the dropped object without any programming.

Use the dropped object to save a score or trigger any other activity.

Drag and Drop

Collision Detection

Just choose which objects collide with which and set the action you want as a result and Opus does the rest.

Collision Detection


Mouseovers and rollovers provide a visual cue that an object is interactive and are core requirements in web design and multimedia authoring to ensure good user experience (UX). So with Opus Creator they're built in, even for Flash and HTML5.

Set a flare, stretch the object slightly or change the border - it's all as easy as designing the properties of the object in the first place and Creator takes care of the scripting automatically.


Bookmarks & Cookies

Store the current page your user is on so they can continue where they left off when they return. Opus supports single and multiple bookmarks. For HTML5 publications Opus provides session-storage cookies to store bookmarks and other information without scripting.



Automatic scoring is built in too, even if you don't use the Question Object, ideal for games or educational materials. Simply mark something as correct/incorrect and give it a score. Opus Pro calculates Score_Correct, Score_Total, Score_Percent and other key variables automatically. Then use simple if...then blocks to act on the level of the score.



Draw interactive overlays and hotspots on images to make particular areas interactive. Particularly useful for maps and diagrams.


Text Input

Capture information from the user via any number of text input boxes.

Position where you want; design the look and feel and assign a variable to store the information easily. Then check, manipulate or display the content without any programming.

Ideal for simple log-ins, forms, personalisation or text answers in quizzes.



Unique and eye-catching slideshows are easy, even in HTML5. Each slide can have it's own transition and timing. Control your slideshow with actions to play, stop, step forwards or backwards or even jump to a specific slide.

Fully supported in Flash and HTML5 export for flexible and original slideshows for your website without the need for jquery or other libraries.



Combine groups of different objects into frames you can control just like a slideshow - play, stop, or go to specific frames. Ideal for creating dynamic content with text as well as images. Available for Flash and HTML5 publications this feature provides much greater flexibility and features than jquery tab controls and it's all WYSiWYG editor so you always know what your visitors will get.


Professional Design Features Included

Vector Drawing Tools

Full suite of vector drawing tools included - with node editing, gradient fills, line styles and end caps. Draw your own objects, arrows and clipart or import EMF from programs like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.


Align and Arrange

A wide range of functions allow you to style and standardize your layout easily. Includes Alignment including centering objects; Arrange including the option to space object evenly; and Make Same Size to quickly set similar objects to exactly the same size.


Computer Science Qualifications

Opus Pro is valued by teachers in schools and colleges across the world because it is quicker and easier to learn so students are productive and engaged more quickly.

Used by schools and colleges across the UK, USA and Australia for ICT and Computer Studies, including qualifications from OCR, EdExcel, Cambridge Assessment, AQA and WJEC.

Use it for...

  • HTML5 Web Development
  • SCORM & Moodle elearning
  • Flash Games and Applications
  • Simulations
  • Technical Documentation
  • Software Training
  • Database interfaces
  • Learning Programming
  • Interactive Sales Literature
  • Data-capture promotions
  • YouTube Animations
  • Thesis Presentations
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Software Prototypes

Designed for...

  • elearning Professionals
  • Developers
  • Health and Safety Trainers
  • Secondary Schools
  • Universities
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Computer Science Teachers
  • Technical Writers
  • Academics
  • Corporate Design teams
  • Engineers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Whiteboard Resources


The Social Gator

Adding interactivity to HTML5 video for Android information kiosks at a US Wildlife exhibition


Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need to use Opus Pro?

Opus Pro is designed to let anyone create interactive material and even websites. You don't need programming skills. You don't need to know HTML. If you are familiar with word processing or desktop publishing software you'll be able to use Pro. But if you know a little about programming or are a professional developer you can get more powerful software developed more quickly.

Can I use Opus Pro on a Mac?

Yes. Opus Pro is a Windows application but we have a number of customers using it on a Mac using virtualization software such as Boot Camp or Parallels.

Will my finished publications run on a Mac, iPhone and Android phones and tablets?

The HTML5 publication type allows you to produce multimedia content to play on any system with a compatible browser including Mac, iPad and Android.

Can I create Android apps with Opus Pro?

Opus Pro does not create native Android apps (so you can't access particular features of the phone for example) but you can create a version of your HTML5 publication which you can install on an Android phone as though it was an app. A great way to deliver presentations or simple games, quizzes or elearning without having to learn (or pay for) Android programming.

Getting Started

Here are some shortcuts to reference on how the product works and key feature highlights.