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create eye-catching slideshows you won't see anywhere else

Stylish, unique and eye-catching slideshows are easier with Opus Creator and Opus Pro than any other solution - even for HTML5 where Opus offers a flexible alternative to jquery.

Opus Creator slideshows require no jquery, no plugins and no scripting and still provide more features to make your project stand out...

All popular image formats are supported and are automatically optimised for HTML5 or other web-based output.

Add and Order Images Easily

The Slideshow Properties dialog allows you to simply browse for the images you want and order them as required. Set the time each slide appears and choose a transition and speed.

Then add other properties such as a frame or a border. Shape the whole slideshow with a cutout border. You can even animate the whole slideshow and the slides keep going.

Full Control is Easy Too

A full set of actions are provided to control your slideshow without programming. Go to specific slides, pause and resume, stop or go to start or finish. You can even have more than one slideshow on a page and more than one set of controls, even in a single HTML5 "div".

Including the Slideshow in your HTML

When publishing to HTML5 you can embed your slideshow in an existing page. Simply Publish your file and select Single DIV as the output type on the Publish Settings option.

Then use your preferred HTML editor to create a DIV in your existing HTML where you want the slideshow to appear and simply use an include statement to load the Opus content into that DIV. The example below shows the div having a CSS class of "slideshow" but this is simply to highlight the DIV and is not required, you can use any other appropriate class of DIV from your CSS or a DIV with no preset style at all.

Make sure you've uploaded all the files created during publish to the same location on your webserver as the page you want to use them in.

Multiframes Make Content Slideshows

Using the Multiframe object allows you to create slideshows from combinations of other objects - text, images or animations. Layout the content for each however you wish and apply the same controls using the multframe actions. Works in HTML5 as well as Windows.

Everyday Features

Opus Pro and Opus Creator Reference - Slideshows without jquery or scripting