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Drag and Drop

a powerful feature made simple

Drag and Drop in Multimedia Authoring

Drag and drop is widely used in many programs to allow users to "grab" an object on screen and move it to another location. Dropping the object in the new location often triggers something else - such as checking a score. Opus includes drag and drop as standard property for all objects and using it requires no programming.

Drag Objects

Any object can be set to be draggable via the Properties dialog and you can also decide what happens to the object if it is not dropped or whether the user is able to drag it outside any container frame it is in.

Drop Zones

You can also set any object to be a drop zone, which allows users to release the object and for it to trigger an event.

The drop zone can be restricted to just one object, or it can accept several, and you can set the way the drop objects

Drop Triggers

Making things happen when an object is dropped is just as simple and you can set up a range of different drop triggers to launch any other actions Opus provides.


You can even set specific lok and feel for the object when it is being dragged simply by selecting the relevant properties for it's "Dragged" or "Dropped" appearance.

Everyday Features

Opus Pro and Opus Creator Reference - Creating Drag and Drop Interactions