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Collision Detection

trigger actions when objects collide - without scripting

Collision Detection in Multimedia Authoring montage

Detecting whether an object has collided with another is a key element of many games and interactions. This sophisticated feature usually requires some complex programming but we've built it into both Creator and Opus Pro.

All you need to do is select which objects you want to check for a collision and then select the action the collision triggers.

Select the Objects

Simply select the object you want to check for collisions and add a Collision Enter trigger to that object. You can then select one or more object which the object is might collide with. If the same thing happens on collision with a number of objects you can choose multiple objects by selecting them in the list.

Authoring a Collision example

Add the Action

As with any other trigger you can add any action to a collision trigger. In the example above we have chosen to show an explosion object - another game example might be to add points to a score.

Elearning Simulations

In Opus Pro the Collision Detection trigger can be used to track user interaction in simulations and can even be used to trigger a Set User Answer which will record the user's interaction into the auto-scoring mechanism just as a standard question would.

Everyday Features

Opus Pro and Opus Creator Reference - Using Collision Detection