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Using Sound

add sound, music and narration to your multimedia publications

Audio in Interactive Multimedia

Use sound effects, music and voiceovers easily in Opus Pro or Opus Creator simply by adding an action to play the sound. Control volume and different channels and synchronise other events easily.

Any object can play a sound and sounds can happen automatically using the On Show trigger, or use timelines to synchronise actions precisely.

Any sound or music can be restricted to a particular page or continue playing as the publication progresses - ideal for background music.

Opus can also play CD tracks and Midi files.

Formats supported include:

Audio Controls

A full set of audio control actions are available by selecting options from a dialog.

Authoring an Audio example


A range of settings are available when playing a sound including setting the initial volume and whether the sound fades in.

Properties for Play Sound action in multimedia authoring

Change Volume

Actions to change the volume can also be set up and can be applied to all channels, or just to a specific sound file.

Change Volume action in multimedia authroing

Everyday Features

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