Elearning Features:

SCORM publishing

build and package SCORM elearning from within Opus Pro

Opus Pro makes it easy to create SCORM-conformant elearning material from simple tests and quizzes to sophisticated simulations.

This gives you the features to create versatile elearning material in the industry-standard format for communication of scores and user information via the SCORM specification.

Unlike some programs Opus Pro gives you full control over when, and how, and what is communicated with the Learning Management System (LMS) making it powerful and versatile whilst still easy to use.

Auto-scoring Question Templates

To get your started quickly we've included a wide range of different question styles and interactions including single and multiple answers, text input, long answer, drag and drop and many more. All can be edited, repositioned or redesigned to suit your requirements. Or you can create your own questions and store them in our component gallery for reuse.

Opus Pro automatically tracks a wide range of score metrics including percentage correct, score value and can even tell if the learner can no longer reach the pass threshold even if they get all the reamingin questions right.

further details - Creating Questions

SCORM Actions

Opus Pro now includes all SCORM functionality as Opus Actions making it easy to make SCORM actions happen as and when you want.

Opus Pro Scorm Action

Popular data models are built in whilst any others can be used keeping your options open. Opus Pro supports both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 specification but is flexible enough to be adapted to suit any similar specification or any future variation too!

Opus Pro Scorm Value

In addition Opus Pro lets you set the identifiers for the SCORM package from within the program itself - no additional software is required. You can create the complete ZIP archive as part of the standard Opus Pro publishing process and even specify whether you want to support the SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 specification.

Opus Pro Scorm publish process

Sample Publications Provided

We've even included sample publications you can use for reference and quickly test communication with the chosen LMS and test what data elements it will support.

Opus Pro Scorm test publications

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