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QuickBuild ™

leave the donkeywork of development to QuickBuild

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We use our product every day for the same things you do so we know the bottlenecks that constrict creativity and eat up development time.

We've made sure even everyday features of Opus are designed to make things easier and quicker, and we've included features such as project time-tracking and developer notes so you can record costs and invoice your clients effectively.

But QuickBuild™ goes even further and automates some of the basic functions and housekeeping which are essential but take so much time.

Build Index and Menus

Create the main pages in your publication and then let Opus build the foundations of a menu page automatically. Or build all your pages and let Opus create an index page.

Remember that you can select multiple objects and use a single Properties dialog to apply properties to all selected objects at once.

Development QuickBuild Auto Menu

Copy and Paste Appearances

You can copy and paste object properties and text styles as well as the pen and fill style for vector objects. You can even copy and paste the way objects look when the mouse is over them or when they are disabled making it easy to be consistent

Rename Objects

Objects need names you can identify them for later use but renaming them manually can take precious time. QuickBuild will automatically rename objects according to their content (text, image or video) or you can set the root name and add numbers to that root to identify a series of objects. For example Q1Answer1, Q1Answer2 Q1Answer3 etc.

Development QuickBuild Rename

Multiple Master Pages

Use master pages to hold consistent features such as navigation buttons so you edit only once. Multiple Master Pages can be combined for truly versatile content and objects can appear on top of material on content pages. Master page objects and can be controlled from content pages too - making it simple, for example to disable the "Next" button on your final page.

Replace Font

When you want to try a different font or make text headings consistent - simply use QuickBuild to replace one font with another or replace one point size with another of the same font.

Replace Font Development Quickbuild

Replace Master Page

When you need the same publication in different colour-schemes or with different departments highlighted and need to maintain both. Use the Replace Master Page function to switch all your pages automatically between styles without deleting the original.

Insert Special Characters

How often do you need a special character like copyright or an accented letter? Probably not often enough to remember the code to type, so when you need it you have to pause. QuickBuild provides a full Unicode character map so you can find and insert characters and symbols without breaking your concentration.

Align, Space Evenly and Match Size

You don't even have to worry about drawing you objects at the same size or in the right place. In addition to standard Align options you can simply choose Make Same Size, Stack Down or Space Evenly to position and size objects consistently with ease.

Randomise Questions and Answers

Showing your question pages in a random order is easy with the Go to Next Random action and we keep track to make sure the same page doesn't appear twice. You can also shuffle the order of answers in a question with the Shuffle action.

Automated Scoring and Assesssment

Opus Pro automatically tracks and calculates key progress metrics - including questions answered, score percentage and value as well as the total possible score the learner could achieve if they got everything else right. Many of these scores are also tracked on a topic-by-topic basis so that the number of questions answered and the score in any particular topic can also be tracked.

In addition Opus Pro tracks whether a course, and it's individual topics, have been finished and have been passed or failed.

Activity Summary and Email

For instructional designers, teachers and trainers, Opus Pro automatically records a Course Log which can be set to include a

This log can be displayed on a score page, saved to disk, emailed to the administrator and/or printed onto a certificate.

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