Developer Features:

Opus Script

go beyond the ready-made functions

Opus Pro includes a fully-featured scripting language which allows developers to create even more sophisticated combinations of actions to go beyond the presets built into the Opus interface.

it is can be used to extend Opus with self-contained functions and extensions a full-blown programming language.

You can either write the script in the simple Script Editor provided by Opus or write it in an External Editor and import it into your publication.

Based on the same syntax as industry-standard javascript, it includes standard functions like if..then and for..while loops, fork, split and as well as Database, Maths and Date functions.

The flexibility of Opus Pro means databases can also be integrated with any interactive or multimedia material including sales and promotional materials as we did with the Highcross Development in Leicester, or can be used to extend Moodle elearning records as with the Moodle Workbook we developed for Clearworth.

Getting Started