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create slideshows of mixed content

Interactive Multimedia Multiframe montage

The multiframe object lets you create slideshows from frames containing combinations of different content. Text, buttons, video and images can all be presented in a regular or random sequence or can be controlled from multiframe actions.

Multiframes can also be used for creating stop-frame style animation by placing individual images on each frame.

Multiframe Properties

Multiframes can be set to start automatically and run for a set number of times by setting their properties.

The timing for each frame (frame rate) can also be set in fractions of a second.

Properties of an Opus Multimedia Multiframe

Multiframe Actions

Multiframes can also be controlled using any of the range of multiframe actions.

In each case you need to select the multiframe you want the action to apply to as you may have more than one on a page. You can only control multiframes on the same page.

Authoring a Multiframe example

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Opus Pro and Opus Creator Reference - Creating and Using Multiframes