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Feature Highlights

authoring features that work hard so you don't have to

Some of the key benefits and features of Opus Pro and Opus Creator are explained in detail.

Everyday Features

To make sure your content stands out and yet is easy to develop, Opus includes extra functionality even in the features you'll use everyday. Here are quick introductions to some of them.

Web Font Manager - Making Eye-catching Text Easy in HTML5

Use all your fonts in your web design! The Web Font Manager frees your HTML5 web design from font limitations and lets you add Google web fonts easily, or include all your Windows fonts to be automatically embedded into your HTML.

Explore more interesting web design with any font you want.

No jquery and no scripting!

Shape Tween Animation

With no special skills you can make animation which can be as simple or as complex as you like with the Tween Animation feature in both Opus Pro and Opus Creator.

Simply draw or position objects at key positions and let Opus fill in all the in-between frames.

AutoScoring Question Object - Pro only

The Question object in Opus Pro allows you to draw the ready-made framework for lots of different types of elearning questions including drag and drop, long answer, cloze procedure and sliders, as well as the more usual multiple choice and multiple response. All questions are attached to the in-built scoring system and a wide range of parameters are automatically updated so key metrics can be tracked.

SCORM Publishing - Pro only

Opus Pro provides all the functions of SCORM 1.2 and 2004 in an easy-to-use and yet flexible form and allows you to connect any action to scoring and assessment or to save SCORM data. This allows you to provide versatile and sophisticated learning materials for LMS including Moodle

You can also publish your SCORM package directly from within the program - no additional program required.

Courses and Topics - Pro only

Using the course and topic settings keeps the pass mark in one place and Opus Pro handles all the scoring and assessment automatically. Topics let instructional designers create different categories of question to collect varieties of data and also allow revision to be targetted with ease.

Everyday Features