Interactive Communications Solutions:

Technical Documentation

all the information at your fingertips - even in the field

Interactive technical documentation brings all the essential information in one interactive publication giving customers, engineers and support staff instant access even in the field.

Bring your technical documentation into the new millenium more cost-effectively.

An interactive technical support publication can improve maintenance and speed up solutions when things go wrong.

Combine All Kinds of Documents

Opus Pro can embed a wide range of material including text, images, sound, video, animation and PDF and can connect to websites or spreadsheet to let you combine almost any document into your technical documentation.

By providing interactive menus, searches or indexes your documentation can let users can find key information quickly.

Collect Additional Information

Use of the documentation can be tracked allowing you to gather key information as to what is useful and what needs attention.

Report Faults and Order Parts

It's easy to include email or website connectivity to permit engineers in the field to report faults or order replacement parts.

Add the Complete Solution with ProSolve

Our Opus ProSolve service allows you to buy the complete solution with our software. We'll work with you to design the publications, templates and resources your organisation needs, and provide the training to ensure Opus isn't just another piece of ready-made software you have to fit around, but actually provides the solution you need.

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design versatile interactive technical documentation in HTML5 and Flash