Development Tools & Resources

development tools for multimedia authoring and web design

We're often asked what development tools we use with Opus Pro so here's some of the software, services and resources we've used and which you may find useful for Opus or other multimedia authoring, web design and development software.

If you've got a recommendation for something we should include here, simply email us the details via

NEW Simple Template - Responsive Grid Web Design Template

A free web design template featuring a bootstrap-style grid system for flexible web design. Allows columns to sit side-by-side for larger screens and then automatically stacks on top of one another when viewedd on tablets or mobiles. Ideal for use with resposnive content created with Opus Creator v9.75 and Opus Pro v9.75.

TinyPNG - FREE PNG and JPG Optimisation

Optimise the PNG files used in your HTML5 publications to improve download speed using this FREE web-based optimisation service.

Use AFTER publishing by dragging the PNG files Opus has created onto the TinyPNG page and then download the optimised version and copy over replace the ones in your published version. You will have to redo this each time you republish.

MyFonts - Professional Quality Fonts

Top site for a wide range of fonts for you to match customer requirements or just ring the changes for your own projects. Owned by Monotype the site provides over 900 professional-quality free fonts as well as commercial fonts and webfonts.

Professional Stock Images

This is our preferred supplier of stock images as it provides professional images at reasonable prices. There are many images here which appear on higher-priced sites and many have a more international style. The search function could be improved and some images betray their (East European) heritage but overall value for money.

NotePad++ - FREE Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting

An excellent and fully-featured text editor with syntax-highlighting of HTML. Available free of charge. Ideal for tweaking the output of Opus HTML5 publishing.


Test how quickly your website loads and identify the bottlenecks with this free web page analysis site. Visit the site and type in the URL you want to test. Then select the browser and the type of connection you want to test.

To optimise Opus publications we recommend

  • a lightweight first page which can link to more sophisiticated pages
  • set up your server to deliver the Opus.js in compressed form
  • use TinyPNG to minimise your image files
- check our tutorials section soon for further details on optimization.

PavTube Video Conversion

Offers quick conversion of a huge range of video formats including Android and iPhone formats..


Quality Stock Illustrations
or Custom Cartoons
for business or pleasure

new illustration and design service
from our sister company


resources for web design and multimedia authoring from third party suppliers