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Creative Services

creating dedicated and optimised resources

Bespoke HTML5 and Multimedia Authoring Solutions

Can't find exactly the image or animation you need? Don't Know Enough OpusScript?

When you need a helping hand …

…we can help.

Our in-house designers have years of experience in illustration, design and animation as well as SCORM elearning; and our developers are fluent in programming languages from C++ to javascript and php. If we can't handle your requirements or you need someone local, we have a select group of accredited designers and developers we can recommend.


Rates depend of the amount of work required. Call us to discuss your needs.

Becoming an Accredited Designer

If you would like us to include your business on our list of accredited designers we'll need examples of your work and details of your rates. Contact for details.


Quality Stock Illustrations
or Custom Cartoons
for business or pleasure

new illustration and design service
from our sister company


additional services to get the most Opus Pro and Opus Creator