Animation Features:

Shape Tweening

using node editing to tween object shapes

The most sophisticated aspect to the tween animation tool is the ability to edit the shape of an object at the node level and morph between the changes in shape.

At its simplest this can allow you to animate alternating points of a star or an arrowhead - offering an easy route to highly-useful animation effects not possible with the built in actions. Beyond that it is possible to undertake very complex animation and even morph one object into another - all you need to remember is that you need the same number and type of nodes at each keyframe.

In the Flash example above, the baseline has been node edited in several places to create the pulse wave. It has also been used to morph a star from the circle and then animate the points of the star. Basic position tweening has then been used to animate the letters in feature to rearrange them from their initial anagram and to bring the word "star" into place."

Shape tweening is supported in both Flash and HTML5 export.


We have provided some example tweens for you to view or download to explore for yourself.

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