Animation Features:

Tweening Colours

changing colours with tween animation

One powerful aspect of the Tween Animation feature is the ability to change the colour of objects over time. You can even tween gradient fills and morph solid colours to gradients. One of the most obvious uses for this feature is in animating changes in temperature. Click the image or the link below to view a simple Flash movie of the Watercycle. Note how the evaporation arrows change from hot to cold as they rise, and the clouds darken.

HTML5 Animation of Watercycle

view WaterCycle example

Note also that you can tween transparency thereby allowing you to fade individual objects in and out within the tween. There is also a Hide Object setting which will hide the object when no longer required.


Colour and gradient tweening is not currently supported in HTMl5 export.

Going Further

For more complex morphing of objects you can also perform shape tweening. We have provided some example tweens for you to view or download to explore for yourself.

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