Solutions not just Software

when you need cost-effective solutions not just software

To get the most from Opus we offer a range of additional bespoke services to... prices even charities and oil companies can afford!

QuickStart Templates

Need a project off the ground quickly? No time to learn new software or new skills. Let us design a template publication for your project(s) and you can simply add the content and add more as you need it. Prices start at just £200/$300.

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ProSolve Complete Solutions

Our professional design and development team can build complete solutions for elearning, software training, CPD, technical documentation and more then you simply update and maintain as required. Ideal for customers without a dedicated instructional design team or who need a project ready sooner rather than later.

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Product Training

Make sure you and your staff are getting the most from Opus. We offer training for beginners and experienced users alike. Teacher inset days can also be arranged- get together in a group to keep the costs down.

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Creative Services

Our experienced designers can also put together animations, audio and illustrations quickly and optimise them for HTML5 Flash and Opus.

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Need a special feature added to Opus? Want to distribute a branded version for customers to edit your publication? We've designed Opus so we can add customized features or provide white label version easily. Combine a branded version of Creator with the Permissions feature to provide more flexible multimedia resources which allow customers to tweak content (add ther own logo or change some text) but not tamper with the core design.

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custom solutions for HTML5 development, instructional design and interactive multimedia authoring