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Our product training provides a shortcut to getting to know those key features of Opus which you need for your particular requirements. All training is...

Training is currently available in UK and US and may be available via approved suppliers in other areas, please contact sales for details.

Training can be tailored at several different levels.

Choose your level

Informal training around your specific requirements is provided for up to five people per session in one or two day courses at your site.
Three levels of training are available:


Takes you from first principles, explaining interactive multimedia and how Opus makes it easy. Once basic ideas have been introduced we'll look at the features of your particular projects. Ideal for those with no multimedia development experience.


For those already familiar with Opus but not sure their solutions are optimal or want to know what more they can do. We'll sit down and work through your publications and suggest improvements where necessary as well as highlight


Step by step guidance to introduce more advanced features tailored specifically to your requirements including scripting, database access and more. Ideal for experienced Opus Pro users who want to get more.


Ideal if you need very specific assistance or you have an idea for a publication but don't have the expertise.

We liaise with you and review a specific publication to ensure it meets your needs and you understand how it works. Again, this is available on your site, or sometimes can be done via email liaison.

Price Guidelines

All prices are ex-VAT. Onsite training may also incur traveling costs, agreed on booking.


Please contact sales or call +44 (0)1789 722515 to arrange your training requirements.

product training for Opus Pro HTML5, Flash, elearning and multimedia authoring