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Opus is ideal for creating engaging education activities and a wide range of curriculum-based learning activities for many subjects. So to help you get the most from Opus Pro or Opus Creator more quickly, here are a range of subject, lesson plans, activites and other resources.

Opus Pro is particularly suited to teaching multimedia and computer programming.

Bike Shop Multimedia Project Opus Pro

Multimedia Bike Shop Thumbnail

A series of video tutorials and working files from Ousedale School. Provides excellent introduction to Opus Pro and guide to a complete multimedia project for students from year 7 and above.

Teach Computer Programming Opus Pro

Asteroid Storm Thumbnail

A simple game to teach basic programming techniques.

Science of Plants - Curriculum Revision Quiz Opus Pro

Plant Quiz Thumbnail

A simple quiz to revise the names and basic information on the science of plants for 11-14 year olds (KS3 science). Covers plant cell and structure and plant nutrition and photosynthesis.

Made with Opus Pro using the Question object and illustrates the use of Topics to track performance on specific areas in a single quiz.

These publications highlight just some of the features in Opus Pro and Opus Creator and how easily interactive multimedia resources can be designed and published and distributed as standalone EXE files, Flash, HTML5 (with or without SCORM) or even video formats.


Whilst Digital Workshop makes every effort to ensure these files are virus free, we strongly recommend that you run a virus check over the files before running them. These programs are provided as is. You use them at your own risk and in no event will Digital Workshop accept liability or be held responsible for any damage, disruption and or data loss as a result of using them.

Free samples of HTML5, Flash and Elearning applications developed with Opus Pro and Opus Creator

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