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Digital Signage Solutions

nothing is more cost-effective to provide customised output

In today's retail environments a standard poster doesn't attract enough attention. Modern visitor attractions need to provide more than just a printed map. Digital signage is the solution - using large flat panel displays with multimedia presentations to capture the attention of a media savvy world. Rolling advertisements, database driven information systems or interactive visitor guides - Opus can do them all.

New Features - Multiple monitor support means you can use Opus to run different types of publications at different locations on different screens. Some could be running an interactive information service whilst others could be running video presentations.

Here are a couple of example areas where a display, a computer and Opus can change the way people interact with your information:


Information kiosks give your customers the information they want, without the perceived "hassle" of sales staff offering assistance. The customer can browse at their own pace - and while you've got their attention you could provide information to upsell to higher value products.

Using the powerful scripting and database connectivity of Opus Pro you can build a realtime stock check system or provide access to detailed technical information about shop floor products.

Visitor Attractions

The days of small printed cards in glass cabinets are over - many people, and the young in particular, are simply not prepared to stand and read printed notes any more - the "Playstation generation" needs to be entertained while being educated. Opus gives you the tools to create compelling multimedia.

Give visitors to your museum the latest in multimedia experiences. Show objects too delicate or valuable to physically display as an interactive experience.

creating digital signage more cost-effectively with Opus Creator