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New Media Advertising

the cutting edge way to present new media

Successful advertising agencies have clients with a wide variety of requirements and therefore produce material across a range of media. A Flash, HTML5 or multimedia presentation of their credentials is essential and Opus Creator is the perfect tool to produce something with real Wow factor to set an agency apart from the competition.

The non-linear nature of the presentation which Opus Creator lets you create, means you can jump around between any examples from your portfolio at any time in response to any interest your potential client shows.

The animation facilities make it easy to create a wide variety of surprising and arresting intro pages to grab the customer's attention. The data capture functions have been used to allow sales presentations to capture customer data before during and after the meeting which can then be stored or emailed to head office. Materials can be upgraded, via the internet if required.

We can even produce custom versions for you to licence on to your clients so they can customise sections of your material - whilst other elements are locked for agency-use only. This is useful, for example, for Dealer Marketing materials where Authorised Dealers want to be able to add a section promoting their own services and product offers but the agency client wants to retain control of the brand-related material.

To save you time and money we can even design the core presentation for your credentials or for your client and then your design team can tweak it as required.

For simple Flash or HTML5 advertising banners for online advertising then Opus Creator is a more cost-effective solution than other options.

innovative new media advertising solutions with Opus Pro