Technical Support:

Contacting Support

what to do when things go wrong

We provide lifetime technical support for our products via email only. Please help us to help you by following the procedure detailed below.

Note that our support is intended for technical problems with the program. While we always try to help with design issues or "how can I do this" enquiries, these are given lower priority compared to technical issues and you may get a speedier answer from our community forum.

Solving Problems Yourself

The vast majority of technical support requests we get can be solved by a series of steps to identify the problem more clearly, which then makes the solution obvious. We have outlined them in our Solving Problems with Publications page.

Please ensure you have gone through this process before contacting Digital Workshop Tech Support.

If You Still Need to Contact Support

If none of these tips help you solve the problem please email for further assistance following the guidance below.

For Opus Courseplay support please email

Give Us Some Details

Just telling us something doesn't work is not going to help us solve the problem quickly. Provide us with as much detail as possible.

Provide Full System Details

We need to know three key pieces of information when requesting support:

Note: We have a special option on the Help menu which allows you to copy your system details to the clipboard from where you can paste them into your tech support email.