Opus Xtras Submissions Welcome

ready made functions to drop into Opus Pro

If you are an Opus Pro user or an HTML5 developer with a component other users might want we welcome submissions for consideration. This is a free service whether you charge for your contribution or not. In the first instance simply email with the following:

  • type of component - page, publication, script, javascript
  • brief description of purpose of component
  • whether it will be for sale, free or donations

Your file and associated resources will be hosted on the Digital Workshop server but payment will go directly to you via your paypal account. You can choose to offer the component for free, charge for the privilege or request donations. If your submission is of interest we will ask to review the file itself. Once accepted we will need:

  • Preview or representative image at 220x160px in PNG format
  • Short description
  • Single HTML page of instructions and illustrations (supplied in a sub directory forease of identification)*
  • Licence terms in rtf*
  • Distributable file in ZIP or MSI format
  • Code for your Paypal button for donations or purchase - see Paypal Buttons
  • An email confirming your agreement to our terms and conditions.

* We have provided templates for these items in a Zip file for download if you require.

For components offered for purchase, you will need to edit a copy of our landing page from which your file can be downloaded and you will need to connect your paypal purchase process to go to that page.

Paypal Setup Assistance

If you need help setting up your paypal button and download page we can assist for a one-off charge of £50 plus VAT.


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