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Opus Courseplay Elearning Management

small business training solution

Turnkey Courseplay Solutions Montage

Small businesses still need to train and inform staff. Don't let high cost lock you out of the efficiency of elearning. Opus Courseplay lets you put material online for staff to learn when and where they like. Learning is recorded to a central learning management system with a simple and engaging interface at lower cost than corporate solutions.

We can get Courseplay up and running for you quickly and cost-effectively. Our professional designers and developers can redesign and tweak it to suit your requirements and leave you to manage the content, or we can host and manage the whole thing.

Our associated Prosolve solutions can be used to absorb extra instructional design and development requirements without adding permament staff, and for getting material converted to online or mobile formats quickly.

Bespoke HTML5 and Multimedia Authoring Examples

Our products are all designed to be flexible and can be adapted quickly so even turnkey solutions are highly cost-effective.

Meet Your Specific Requirements

CoursePlay Turnkey means your learning can be managed in the way your learners need rather than being shoe-horned into preset templates, and can be integrated fully with existing systems.

Easy Maintenance

Once complete, you and your subject matter experts can edit the materials to keep them up to date with minimal ongoing costs.

get an LMS customised to meet your requirements