Getting Started:


publish and distibute your work for profit, promotion or pleasure

Once you have designed your publication to your satisfaction you will want to create a version which you can pass on to other computer users so that they can view your publication without needing Opus.

Opus has the widest range of output options so you can send your publication out as a standalone EXE file on CD-Rom/USB/DVD or create HTML5 or Flash SWF to display on the internet. This process is called publishing.

Windows EXE

You can create a stand-alone Windows .EXE file which you can then combine into a setup program which the user can run to install just as with any other Windows program, with a desktop icon of your choice. You can create files to distibute on a CD Rom or USB or to be downloaded from a website.

Using Opus Pro you can connect to Access databases or create fully-featured Windows software - with spellchecker DLLs or connected to hardware.

HTML5 and Flash

You can create an Adobe Flash file or HTML5 for the internet or for use on iPad, Android and iPhone. Opus Pro includes an Android APK packager so you can package and distribute your HTML5 project as an app.

Video, DVD and Screensaver

You can even produce your publication as a video file (for use on YouTube for example) or create a DVD-video for playback on a normal domestic DVD player (as opposed to a PC DVD drive).

You can also make a simple promotional or motivational "screensaver" to make full use of inactive screens.


Multiple Formats from a Single File

For obvious reasons not all the functions provided by Opus are available in all these formats - video doesn't support any interactivity for example, and HTML5 applications need to use MySQL and php for database support - but careful planning means you can produce material for the widest range of output options from the same files.

Secure Your Files

The fonts and other resources you use in your publication are automatically included and even the videos can be embedded in the file so no-one can use it separately (not appropriate for HTML5 export).If your publication displays additional files such as PDFs. DOCs or spreadsheets the these can also be embedded in your EXE and will be unpacked temporarily as required, keeping company information more secure.

Once published you can use the distribution wizard to create a setup program or the upload wizard if you want to upload your program to the web.

Royalty-Free Distribution

No royalties or additional licencing is required for you to distribute the publications you make with Opus even for commercial projects.

Getting Started

Opus Pro and Opus Creator Reference - Publishing Your Project