Royalty Free Licence

licence and permitted use for royalty-free resources

Licence Agreement - Royalty-Free Resources

  • The materials provided on this site as "royalty-free" and included in the archive file (the Resources) which you download are copyright Digital Workshop (Solutions) Ltd [DWS]. By downloading or using the Resources you agree to the following terms.
  • DWS hereby grants to the Licensee, a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive Licence to use the Resources in their own projects without further licence or royalty or acknowledgement, whether for personal, education or commercial use subject to acceptance of the following terms.
  • DWS further grants that the Licensee may sell, licence and/or distribute materials containing the Resources as long as the following terms are met.
  • The Resources may be used in other materials (including, but not limited to, interactive multimedia, games, quizzes, HTML5 websites, Flash animations, presentations or elearning and training materials) and redistributed in those publications for personal, educational and commercial use, whether for profit or not, without limitation and without further royalties, licence or recognition of DWS.
  • The Resources must be combined into another work in printed or digital form such that they MAY NOT be redistributed independently or in isolation whether individually or in collections in any way which presents the Resource(s) as a standalone file(s).

Redistribution by Links

  • Anyone wishing to make the Resources available to others (e.g: via a website) should do so by providing a link to the Resources page on the Digital Workshop website. Currently this is:
  • Further the copyright ownership of Digital Workshop must be acknowledged with the notice
    Royalty-Free Resources (c) Digital Workshop 1995-2016
    and the Resources must not presented in such a way as to appear to be the work of any other person or organization. No charge can be made for the provision of the resources. Anyone wishing to offer the Resources directly should contact for the appropriate licence.


The Resources MAY NOT be used on any website specific to products competing with Opus Creator or Opus Pro; nor in any way which might bring the name of DWS, the original developers, artists or models, into dispute or disrepute including, but not limited to:
  • pornography,
  • materials relating to or promoting adult entertainment clubs or escort services,
  • political messages or endorsements,
  • uses that are defamatory, unlawful, offensive or immoral.


The Resources are provided "free of charge" and supported by advertising revenue or by voluntary donations. (Donations do not entitle the Licensee to any additional licence or material.) The Licensee is liable for any costs or charges in downloading or otherwise obtaining the Resources. Third parties offering the resources through links must not charge to do so but may present these links on pages displaying revenue-generation elements such as advertising or referal links.


DWS hereby asserts that it is the legal copyright owner of the Resources. The material distributed under this licence is provided without further warranty or assertion of any kind. DWS accepts no liability whatsoever from the use of any of the enclosed material.

For clarification of any of the above please contact prior to any use of the Resources.